Alan Dick Engineering delivers a new 33m walkway for Heysham Port

Alan Dick Engineering have in March delivered a huge new 33m long walkway for Heysham Port, after the previous walkway was damaged by a boat.

The £77,000 project to manufacture this major structure was awarded to Alan Dick Engineering after a tender process, and was the biggest project in scale that the company have so far undertaken.

The metalwork was prepared by expert welding fabricators over a number of weeks. The structure was then coated with weather and salt-resistant specialist red paint at Bartlett’s in Barrow, a grille was fitted, electrical work for lighting completed, before the walkway was finally loaded onto a trailer using cranes for delivery to the port.

Delivery of the walkway involved it’s movement in the early hours on police advice, as a road closure was required for the massive structure to be moved from Alan Dick Engineering premises to the port.

Installation of the walkway made use of a crane on a barge lifting it into position, and was completed under a tight schedule due to specific tidal conditions needing to be met.

It’s anticipated that the new walkway with have a lifespan of several decades.

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